Ambassador Program

Sister Pauline Quinn founded the first ever prison dog program, Prison Pet Partnership in 1981 on the belief that self-worth is best measured not by what you do for yourself but what you do for others and by thinking of and working for others, you begin to heal yourself. In light of her recent passing and to honor Sister Pauline, PPP is more determined than ever to carry on her vision, hard work and incredible impact.

You can help make that happen!

The loss of income usually generated by our boarding and grooming services and the cancellation of our annual fundraiser, due to COVID-19 precautions, has caused Prison Pet Partnership and many nonprofits to worry for the future of our programming. Our staff is committed to continuing the mission Sister Pauline started and passing it on for incarcerated individuals, community members, and dogs in need. And we need your help to do it!

Donate now or become a Prison Pet Partnership Ambassador


You! Our biggest advocates, volunteers and supporters.


Peer-based fundraising can have a huge impact on our organization by connecting us to new supporters and donors who believe, as you do, in showing solidarity with those who need it the most. Get started now by creating your own fundraising page.


Facebook, Instagram, email, and text. These are all the ways that you can invite people to engage with your page and ways that they can donate.


Starting now! We currently plan to run this effort through June 30th.


It only takes a few moments to set up - tell your story of why you support PPP! Here’s my page as an example.

We appreciate your support and we’re are always here to help you along the way. We’ll be sending updates, tips for Facebook posts and emails, and other content to keep your friends and family engaged.

Set-up Steps:

  1. Go to PPP’s Unleashing Hope Main Campaign Page
  2. Click on the “I want to Fundraise for this!” button under Sister Pauline’s picture
  3. Fill in your info (you can always come back to edit later)
  4. Check your email! You will receive a message from Give Lively with next steps, links on how to share your page and instructions for editing your page at any time.

Milestones & Thank-yous!

  • Individuals that raise $500 will receive a Prison Pet Partnership Ambassador embroidered fleece jacket
  • Individuals that raise over $1000 will receive an invite to a PPParty sponsored by Visual Options featuring apps, wine and beer, and the PPP pups!
  • Individuals that raise $5000 will have an opportunity to name a PPP dog!
  • Businesses that collectively raise $5000 will receive a Yappy Hour sponsored by Visual Options, with drinks and pizza hosted at your workplace by PPP Staff and PPP pups and an opportunity to name a PPP dog
  • School groups that raise $5000 collectively to receive a pup-peroni pizza party hosted by PPP and our PPP pups and an opportunity to name a PPP dog

Let us know if you have any questions or need support by emailing us at

Not sure what to write on your page? Here’s some prompts to get you started!

When did you get involved with PPP?
What inspired you to get involved with PPP and/or what has kept you involved?
What is your favorite thing about volunteering with PPP?
Do you have a paroled pet from PPP? Tell us about it!
Have you used PPP’s inmate run boarding or grooming services?
Why do you believe PPP’s mission is important to continue on?

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