Boarding and Grooming

Our public Boarding and Grooming facility will remain closed until further notice. We do not expect to reopen until late 2021 at the earliest. We are not taking any reservations or processing new pets, as our office is CLOSED.

Finding Another Kennel

While our facilities are closed, we have put together some helpful tips and questions for you to use as a guide when selecting a new kennel:

1. Please tour any location you are considering using for your fur babies! What does the facility smell like? Does it smell clean? Do the pets look happy? Do they have adequate blankets? Water? Do they have enough space to move around freely? Do the animals look like they are enjoying themselves or do they look anxious or frightened?

2. Who at the facility knows animal CPR and First Aid? Every staff member in a facility should know emergency medical response information such as this! No exceptions!

3. Ask them about their policies – what do they do in the event of a sick dog? What if that dog gets sick in the middle of the night? What is their policy if an animal escapes the facility?

4. What are the vaccine requirements for the facility? Animals need to be current on their vaccinations or have a letter from a veterinarian stating why they cannot be vaccinated.

5. Will the facility let you bring your own food and treats? Does this cost extra? Is the facility able to administer medications? Is there an extra cost for this service?

6. Does the facility have age restrictions for the animals In their facility? Do they work with geriatric dogs? Puppies?

Assistance Dogs International International Boarding and Pet Services Association